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Empower Your Youth to tell their Truth

Bridge Cultural inequality gaps for youth, manage the learning, work and transition of your African youth while living a healthy and productive lifestyle.

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Study abroad cross cultural skills exchange program (exchange talent and expertise):  

How to increase the experiences of other African youth in the diaspora to connect and reclaim their culture……………. for research fellowship


Using self journaling to promote vocational digital (editing) skill for culture and health to achieve different goals:        

How to select a minor in media technology program to promote your African culture…………having a mentor guide you through Scholarships, foundation and endowment     


Cost of living for rent, food, transportation,  health (insurance), other necessary supplies, tuition and fees:  

 How to save time and money for your healthcare profession with study abroad as an international exchange skill student (talented) ……………….working with sponsor to save money for cost of living in the U.S. 


Get Your Dream Career

- Partner with High schools, community colleges, Universities, cultural community organizations and other businesses to promote African Culture and work with communities to address preventive health issues. 


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Meeting ID#: 512 771 9310 

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